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Here you will find some of the most requested repair operations at Accu-Tech Guitar Repair LLC...


Fender Stratocaster neck in jig

Leveled Bolt On Neck

     A good fret level, recrown and polishing with a fresh setup can really bring your guitars 'playablilty' back to life. Recrowning this Fender Stratocasters frets not only improves intonation but also the sound of your guitar. With proper string to fret contact and frets polished to a fine smooth finish, your cherished guitar will play better than the day you bought it.

Completed fret level, crown and polish

Finished Frets

    Even many brand new guitars lack the quality leveling, crowning and polishing that only hand work can do. Many guitarists never get to know how nice this repair can make a guitar play and feel because it is so often over looked. In my opinion, this is the most important playability enhancement, eliminates progressive fret imperfection from the manufacturer and makes most ANY guitar a pleasure to play.


Suade guitar protection blankets

Partial Refret

     This repair usually affects the first 3 - 5 frets from the nut. Sometimes you may have random frets on the board that wear from playing in certain keys more than others. Caution has to be exercised on partial fret jobs.
    The new fret wire should be .005" to .010" taller in height than the remaining good frets and certainly the same width. The remaining old frets should be able to give up .005" in height to withstand recrowning, polishings and still be tall enough for good playing height...

EVO gold refret

Full Refret

     If your guitar is due for a refret, now is a good time to make sure the existing frets are what you want and match your playing style. New frets, pictured  on this Gibson Les Paul, can not only change the way your guitar plays and feels, but also enhance the tone and sustain.
     There are stainless steel fret wires, EVO gold (pictured here), and of course 18% silver nickle... 

Radius block sanded fretboard

Full Refret

     On a Martin D-28, once I sand and radius the fretboard, I can take accurate measurments on the cleaned fret slots that will allow me to adjust the slots or use a fret wire tang size that will neither over compress or leave the neck too loose...

Completed full refret

Full Refret

    I choose to press and hammer frets in depending on what the the job calls for. When I have to hammer, I use a radiused fret caul and a brass drift between the hammer and the fret caul holder. It disperses the impact of the hammer blow to a wider fret surface and eliminates the risk of damage to the fret, the fretboard and even the guitar itself. A fretbuck is always used on acoustic guitars to protect inside fret tongue bracing...

(Quieting The Beast)

Fender Stratocaster complete shielding

Fender Stratocaster Shielding

   Electric guitar shielding is a modification that not only reduces hum and noise but increases tonal clarity and harmonics. The benefits of shielding a noisy guitar are one of the most noticeable improvements in sound no matter what the cost of the guitar...

Fender Jazz Bass shielding

Fender Jazz Bass Shielding

     As with most all single coil pickup guitars, bass guitars have their 60 cycle hum problems as well. Complete shielding will eliminate hum and even pickup cavities that are not covered by a pickguard can be shielded without altering cosmetic appearance...

Fender Telecaster complete shielding

Fender Telecaster Shielding

   The guitar pictured above is a 1968 Fender Telecaster. The customer had stopped playing it bacause it was so noisy his band mates occasionally complained. During the stock electronics shielding, I discovered there was no ground wire from the bridge plate to the control cavity put in at the factory. A very noisy guitar...

Semi-acoustic electric guitar shielding

Semi-Acoustic Electric Shield

    A semi-hollow body electric is most often the exception to the rule that guitars with humbucking pickups do not usually need shielding. Rewiring these guitars complete with all shielded cables turn these beautifully crafted instruments into noise free, tone delivering monsters...


Cutting nut slot guides

Nut Replacement

    A guitar nut replacement is often overlooked but is a great tone and playing enhancement on most all guitars. From roller nuts, locking nuts and lubricated nuts for electric guitars to micarta, bone and Tusq for acoustic guitars...

Using string spacing graduation rule

Nut String Spacing

     Compensated string spacing, nut slot cleaning and proper string slot sizing are all important. I hand cut bone nuts for acoustic and electric guitars, and get the best results using this material. Custom roller and locking nut installs are available...

Hand cut compensated saddle

Compensated Saddle

   Acoustic guitar saddle replacement is normally done because of a desire for an alternate saddle material, string ware or undersaddle pickup installation. Hand cut bone saddles are still the best bet in most cases...

Electric guitar saddle replacement

Electric Guitar Saddles

    On electric guitars, wear or the desire to change to newer and better materials are good reasons for changing saddles (see GraphTech Guitar Labs). With electric guitars, string angle from the bridge to the string stop and coupling are good areas to look at. Proper string angle can improve harmonics and coupling can improve sustain...


Shield capacitor/separator


    These topics, undoubtedly, are one of my favorite areas of guitar repair. Through the years I have done electric guitar electronics and pickup repair, upgrades and modifications with Seymore Duncan pickups as well as others, for myself and many of my friends and customers...

Fender Telecaster switch plate

Electronics Repair

    Looking at electric guitars today, imports have really taken a lead in sales. Imports make guitars affordable for practically everyone. The cool thing about imports is they seem to play pretty well and can be setup nicely. Try Best Guitar Parts for quality electronics replacement parts..

Hagstrom FS-12 tone switches

Custom Vintage Wiring

     Electronics upgrades, modifications and custom wiring for vintage models are great ways to enhance the sound of any electric or bass guitar...

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