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Read reviews regarding customer service,
repair quality and overall satisfaction with their
repair experience at Accu-Tech Guitar Repair LLC ...

Reviews from active performing artists who have had their
 instruments serviced at Accu-Tech Guitar Repair...

Susan Smethurst 

...of Susan & Lloyd Acoustic Duo

"Billy Etheridge, of Accu-Tech Guitar Repair, recently gave my Taylor six string a resurrection. I had a buzzing sound that he eradicated and he lowered the action. The results are amazing, my guitar has never sounded better, even when new. Billy is professional and an extraordinary craftsman. As a musician himself, and a lover of music and instruments, he truly invested himself into the project, much gratitude Billy."

Michael Justis

...Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter Solo Performer

"My Taylor loves Accu-Tech! The only problem I have with Accu-Tech Guitar Repair is that there's an ocean between us! But when I'm in the states, Billy Etheridge is the only one touching my guitar!"

Joe France


"Billy installed a new saddle on the bridge of my Taylor T5 Custom. He also did a complete set up. It now plays like a dream and the intonation is spot-on. Billy is the ultimate professional and a fine gentleman as well. I will certainly be doing more business with him in the near future".

Michael Monahan

...of The Jypseas

"Accu-Tech does my guitar work. Period. There is not another Luthier in town that I would trust with my instruments. Billy's knowledge, insight, and care are unmatched in Tidewater. I play Martin and Taylor acoustics, and every time someone uses my guitar for a song the first thing they say to me is how wonderful they feel. It's a testament to his skills, and I am profoundly grateful to have him as my guitar tech."

Johnny Bland

...of The Baddadz

"Billy, thank you so much for the quick turnaround on the D-35 and the Orange Crush. When you play as much as I do, having someone who can get ya rolling again is a premium. The instruments are playing better than ever and Accu-Tech Guitar Repair is the only place that I’ll be trusting for my guitar repair and maintenance information."

Bill Wampler

...of The Wampler Brothers

"I have had several guitars & a mandolin repaired by Accu-Tech and have been very happy with all that Billy has done for me. He does great work at a very fair price"...